Kala Iturregui


Kala was born in the United States of America, she is a graduate of the Society of Applied Hypnosis in NY from 2007, and worked for 3 years in collaboration with NYC Hypnosis center.

Kala is a certified coach from the Hendricks Institute in California since 2009, which includes breath work on releasing emotional baggage from the developmental stages of childhood. Kala has a B.A in Psychology cum laude from the Open University of Israel.

My Therapeutic vision

I developed a program that combines conscious work , breath and guided meditation. I use the knowledge that I learned from hypnotherapy to help my clients make the changes they want easier. My focus will be on healing emotional wounds from the past. My life experience of overcoming an abusive childhood thought me that in order  to truly heal and thrive we must clear emotional wounds from our past, or we are bound to repeat and be stuck in the same hindering patterns. its not our lack of awareness, but our lack of knowledge regarding emotions that hinders us.

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Coaching Programs

The sessions are focused on empowerment

In this program we will understand grief and its gift for us. We will identify the different rolls the one we lost has portrayed in our life, we will breath to the difficult emotions to allow proper grieving to happen.

Overcoming grief and loss

Overcoming a difficult childhood

in this program  I will share my personal experience and the practical tools that I have  developed in order to  thrive and not just survive.

my goal is to save you years of trial and error, I believe that all those hardships we endured made us incredibly strong. and with fine tuning we can become a great source of light and inspiration to others.

in addition to coaching breath 

 work will be incorporated to address difficult emotions and practical tools will be given.

​Clearing old emotions

Stifled emotions from our past are the culprit of our life. It robs our energy and makes us tired. It causes problems in our relationships and jobs. It creates patterns in our life that makes us feel trapped and it prevents us from thriving and  growing personally

Breath work  bootcamp

in this program of 7 weekly consecutive 90 minutes sessions I will teach you a powerful breathing tool so you can treat yourself.

We will practice exercises to strengthen the diaphragm, focus on shifting from shallow breathing to belly breathing, and then move to the therapeutic part of overcoming childhood traumas from our developmental stages.

this program is all about working on breathing and no talking on the past yet it is extremely effective and powerful, I practice it regularly, I highly recommend it. I see it as a body meditation for the hyperactive.

Overcoming anxiety 

In this program  we will understand the roll of fear when it is proper. We will recognize the ways fear hinders our life and disguise themselves with clever patterns and titles such as being a free spirit...

We will breath.

For those of you with PTSD I will share what worked from my personal experience, for I know how hard it is to look normal but inside being shuttered to pieces.

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