Life coaching for survivors of complex childhood trauma

​I know what its like to wake up every morning looking normal, yet feeling shattered on the inside. and while others are just busy getting ready with their morning routine, all i could think about is how do I pull myself together to look normal, because there is no external physical problem that people can relate to. And your family and surroundings tell you that it's in the past and move on, which made me feel more lonely.

I know what its like to try every possible self help workshop and books, and treatments' only to experience a moment of relief and celebration that I have finally figured it out' only for it to subside after a few days and discover that my insight did not change how I felt emotionally one bit. and more so, I know how despairing it is to experience it over and over again, to feel that your stuck and all your efforts are just sinking you further in. I spent 12 years like that.

I was in fact so close to giving up on life, and I realized I had to view all my efforts and try to understand why it wasn't working. 
I realized that the brain was the problem and instead of me controlling it it controlled me by all those memories. ?I searched what clinically was found efficient for PTSD and found that it was all about the body: physical exercise, breath work, meditation and mindfulness. Well, it made sense, when we get scared the changes are first in our body: shallow breathing, hormones changing, we get all tight up and ready to fight, flight or freeze -children usually freeze because they cant fight or run away from their circumstances or homes.

So my focus for healing was on breath and clearing emotions, and for the first time, I was free!

If this is familiar to you, and your ready to take the next step to start thriving, call now.